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Some of our students want to share what they read elsewhere and some, their own ideas & experiences. Enjoy reading.


There are two kinds of people in the world Givers and Takers.
Takers eat better
And Giver sleep better.

...GeetaRawat XI C

Consume green and coloured veggies

Include lots of green and coloured vegetables in your diet. They have a good amount of nutrients that will keep you fit during this season. Make sure that you wash all your vegetables with warm water or with salt to get rid of accumulated dirt. You can blanch the vegetables to disinfect them from germs and bacteria. Blanching also helps the veggies from losing its colour, texture and flavor. Green vegetables are also used in making salads

...Subashni XII Arts

Set politics aside

If you are tweeting for a humanitarian cause don’t get dragged into political battles. Keep politics out of it to bring more supporters to your cause and to help those on the ground.

...Subashni XII Arts

What does it mean?

Did is a word of achievement
Won’t is a word of retreat
Might is a word of bereavement
Can’t is a word of defeat
Ought is word of duty
Try is a word of each second
Will is a word of beauty
Can is a word of power.

...Subashni X C

Maths Magic

33 x3367 =111111
66 x3367 =222222
99 x3367 =333333
132 x3367 =444444
165 x3367 =555555
198 x3367 =666666
231 x3367 =777777
264 x3367 =888888
297 x3367 =999999

...N.Karthik XII C

Before you……..

Before you speak - Listen
Before you write -Think
Before you spend -Earn
Before you invest - Investigate
Before you criticize - Wait
Before you quit -Try
Before you pray - Forgive
Before you retire -Save
Before you die -Live

...N.Karthik XII C

Cricket vs Examination

Preparation for the examination -Fielding
Tough question paper -Fast bowling
Easy question paper -Free hit
Confusing question paper -Spin bowling
Unexpected question -Googly
Checked while cheating -Caught
First class with 90 % -Sixer
First class with distinction -Four runs
II class -Two runs
Just Passed -Single
Failed -Clean bowled
Caught while helping others - Hit wicket

...N.Karthik XII C

What does it means

Student stands for:
S-Self control,
T-Thirst for knowledge,
E-eagerness to learn,

Education stands for:

Mathematics Stands for:
H-Hard labour,
M-Mental power,
C-Clarity of thought,
S- Smile

...Karthik XII C

Mantra for Success

When faced with a problem, look into your room for an answer:
Roof says : Aim high
Fan says :Be cool
Clock says :Value time
Calender says : Be upto date
Mirror says : Observe yourself
Wall says : Share with others
Window says :Expand your vision
Floor says : Always be down to earth

...Niveditha XII B

Be Positive

Where there is life there are Dreams
Where there are dreams there are Destination
Where there is destination there are Routes
Where there are routes there are Difficulties
Where there are difficulties there is Courage
Where there is courage there is Faith
Where there is faith there is Success
So work for this.

...Niveditha XII B

Good Words

The fruit of silence is prayer
The fruit of prayer is faith
The fruit of faith is love
The fruit of love is service
The fruit of service is peace.

...Tanya IX A


As beauty is reflected by a looking glass,so too is the love of a mother mirrored in her children’s smiles.
A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us places but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.
The best thing parents can spend on their children is not money, but time.

...S.Prabhu XI B


Winners recognize their limitation but focus on their strengths. Losers recognize their strengths but focus on their weakness.

...Tanya IX A

Students Tips

I am Lajri Sahai,18 years old. I passed my 12th from DTEA Lakshmibai Nagar. I was an average student, I hardly used to get 60-65 marks in English. I got a very nice teacher. She always used to say that I have the capability to improve a lot. My first Board exam was English subject. My teacher gave me time schedule to follow and advised when to study and what to study. The schedule helped me in getting 95%. Wow!
How did I do it? I always studied alone ,not in any group because it disturbed me. I usually study at night because it is silent.I really worked hard because I never used any guide for English.I always preferred books and notes given by the teacher.I studied twice or thrice a chapter to understand better. I cleared my doubts over phone.
To surmise, have faith in yourself and your teacher.

...LajriSahai XII Arts Stream of 2012 Batch

Learn from your Failure

Failure doesn’t mean you have lost every thing.It means that you have not succeeded for now .
Failure doesn’t mean that you have accomplished nothing. It means you have learnt something.
Failure doesn’t mean that you have been disgraced. It means that you are willing to try.
Failure doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything you have to get something in a different way.
Failure doesn’t mean that you are inferior. It means that you are not perfect. You have to polish yourself.
Failure doesn’t mean that God is not with you. It means that God has better idea for you.

...Tanya IX A

Is being average a crime?

What is wrong in being an average student? This question has always troubled me .In todays time we judge a student according to the marks one gets in exams. Are achievements and success mirrored in terms of a child’s excellence in obtaining marks? Parents of some high achievers force their children to achieve good marks in all things. Are they preparing them for quality life in this way! An average student struggling with studies is often looked down by one’s friend and is labeled as a slow child. Average in academics is seen as a sign of an average life ahead. Why don’t we realize that not amongst the top ten in class is not a crime? Hiistory is replete with examples where we find people who failed or were below average students, changed their course of of history by becoming successful.Some examples are –Sir Geoge Washington had very poor grammatical skills, Einstein was described as mentally slow, unsociable and foolish by his teachers. Agatha Christie ,a famous novelist had problems with spellings and was said to be a slow one. But still they succeeded in their professions. A remarkable performance in school need not assure future success in life. In the same way an average child need not mean be a failure in life. Every child has a special mind with some particular strengths and weakness. One should grow with that and emerge as a true winner in life

...Niveditha XII B


The Love of Gandhi
The Blood of Bhagat
The Brain of Nehru
The Army of Subhash
The Education of millions
All came together
To give me a gift
My Freedom
Freedom-The lovely Freedom

...Karthik XII C

Indian Women

Kalpana in Space
PT Usha in Race
Sushmita in Face
KiranBedi’s endless Chase
Don’t forget Lata’s Case
Let ‘s bow to these women of our ‘Desh’

...Karthik XII C

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