Our teaching approach has always been a child centred, encouraging activity based learning, inculcating scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry.we promt the students to utilize their hidden talents for the maximum enhancement of their all round growth viz, social, moral academic, physical etc.

Digital classrooms

The teaching learning process is colourful, clear and easy and full of fun , involving quiz, work sheets etc with the Digital Class rooms.The teachers and the students are united by this revolutionary technology, which caters to a very interactive curriculum.

CCTV Coverage

To ensure safety of the students and valuables ,about 48 cameras have been installed all around the school, in the corridors, labs, and classrooms.This acts as a check on malpractices, indiscipline of sorts and truancy


Library we have a reasonably well stocked and spacious library having more than 8000 books each from diverse fields related to curriculum and otherwise. students have access to Tamil newspapers too.Our library is also a treasure house of numerous dailies, weeklies and periodicals and journals subscribed on a regular basis.

Audio visual room

A multipurpose audio visual room is set up for workshops, educational film shows , powerpoint presentations and student teacher orientation programmes..the students work on different projects through audio visual classes.

Activity room

This was installed for the purpose of removing monotony from the classroom and enchanting the children to become curious enough and thus bringing about clarity in conceptualisation by doing things and learning in the process .The classroom is an array of colours which is attractive to the eyes that behold it, teaching-learning becomes undiluted fun amidst all kind of activities.

Drinking water

The basic right of a student to get pure drinking water at all times in the school is catered to. Our school has RO water purifiers and coolers supplying pure drinking water to the students enabling them to have better health.


The students of DTEA LBN enjoy their physical training classes thoroughly, twice a week .For the zonal level, the Senior, Junior, Subjunior students are trained by our physical education teachers. The training includes ample oppurtunities in the field games, indoor games, and track events.

Bus facilities

To facilitate better safety and tension free rides, the school has 12 buses plying to different places.The bus fee is very nominal and there is accountability for the safety of the children.

Electronic bell

With the installation of the Electronic bell in 2017, the hassle of being alert to ring the bell at the right time, is done away with.This bell is loud and.clear and rings at the set time.