For over 90 years, we have been providing quality education to countless number of students in and around Delhi, The number of alumni in top echelons in all fields, be it administration, armed forces, civile servies, Science and Technology and numerous other fields including entertainment and cinema speak volumes about the quality of education. Notable alumni include the film industry's dream girl, Hema Mailini who studied in the school during the late 1950s. Our students have always featured in the merit list of central board of secondary education. The methodology used for education namely Digital Classrooms, EZ vidya, have been highly instrumental in producing the results.

Inauguration of Digital classes in seven rooms (April) DTEA LBN introduced advanced educational technology in seven class rooms. The President, Secretary Mr. PawanPandey of Pearson India, MrsGowri sister of Mr. K. Ganesh CEO of EZ Vidya started the classes by cutting the ribbon. Children, most of them from economically low background are just thrilled with the new method of teaching through the latest technology.

Workshop EZ Vidya introduced books based on latest technology and conducted workshop for the primary teachers during summer vacation Orientation Programme for Science teachers was conducted by American India Foundation at DTEA Motibagh school. Two of our teachers attended the same.

Meeting On May 5th there was a Librarian meet in DTEA Motibagh school. The chairperson was MrsInduBala the former Principal of DTEA R.K.Puram Tamil teachers of all the schools had a meeting to discuss the latest curriculum and frame the syllabus for the current academic year . (May) Sponsorship Discussion Meeting of American India Foundation with the prospective sponsors was held at Lodhi estate . A few teachers attended the same with their presentations. (July)

Constructionall Activities The whole area where the drinking water is provided for the children has been covered with proper shade by DTEA LBN 1980 batch . The work was coordinated by Mr. B.L.Narayana. Thoughtful Gesture of D T E A Management Students from class 1 to class 12 were given books free of cost .(April ) The bus fees was considerably reduced with effect from April for the children availing the school transport .